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Since its inception in the year 2003, has been offering a sparkling and royal variety of gemstones to customers in different parts of the world. We promise to the world of finest gemstones to buyers from various countries. We are gemstones wholesalers, semi-precious stone suppliers and distributors for beads from India who have earned a pool of satisfied customers by supplying them with beautiful, sparkling and authentic gemstones.

We are a company based in Jaipur, the city known for its royal culture and traditions and our products promise to reflect the same magnificent appeal. The gemstones industry is almost 250 years old. The credit goes to the Maharaja of Jaipur who brought creative and skilled artisans from different parts of the country and patronized them.

Our collection is also based on this richness and royalty of the city. We supply a vibrant range of rough and polished stones including ruby, tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, spinel and garnet to designers, artists, jewelry stores and resellers who come from different countries. Buying an authentic gemstone is a lifetime investment and we make sure that our products enrich your collection of beautiful jewelry.

What Makes Justgemstone Exquisite?

At, stones, beads and jewelry are our passion. Our team of experts makes sure that every stone that we sell is a masterpiece and is a valuable investment for our customers. We are not just any gemostone supplier in India. We promise to supply our customers with the authentic and best set of semi-precious stones at the best prices. We offer them an interesting collection to make a choice which includes different varieties of stones in various colors. This attractive collection helps us stand out of the competition.

Stationed in Jaipur, the most famous city of India for gems and jewelry, we stay in close touch with the latest demands and trends in the market so that we are able to cater fasion-specific and tradition-specific range of beautiful beads and gorgeous gems that complement your style and dress. As we are based in the hub of the jewelry market, we are also able to bring you the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. Our top-notch quality is our strength. All these things make us a unique gemstone supplier in India.

Amazing Offerings at Justgemstone..

Justgemstone promises the most interesting and gorgeous collection of gems, stones and beads. Our specialty revolves around divine rare gems, top grade gems, calibrated gemstones, gemstone lots, matching pairs of gemstones, cabochons, cat's eye gemstones, carved gemstones, star stones, color change stones and a lot more. Every collection that we exhibit for sale is unique and has a beautiful appeal to accentuate your elegance and beauty. We have a diverse range of stones which include stunning shades shad shapes to help you choose. We offer you wholesale gemstones, wholesale beads, wholesale pearls which are delivered to you through an insured and authentic delivery system.

Why Prefer Justgemstone?

There is more than one reason which makes Justgemstones a more lucrative and better option to shop for gemstone online. Here you go…

             a) We promise to deliver what we state on our site. There is complete quality assurance of every stone that we sell.

             b) There is a detailed description of every stone that we sell which includes information on its type, size, color, shape, clarity, weight and origin to give a better understanding of your purchase.

             c) We also make sure that all gem enhancements, guarantees and treatments are disclosed to help you decide on your purchase.

             d) We ensure the most authentic and appropriate representation of the gemstone using actual images. For this we use professional calibration software. Every picture is the best and most authentic representation of the stone to the best of our potential.

             e) We ensure complete safety in payment procedure. We have no access to your financial information, and we do not store any personal identifiable information on our website.

             f) We do not sell your personal details or browsing patterns.

             g) We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We follow an easy and convenient 30-days return policy to make your shopping a wonderful experience.

             h) We promise timely and quick delivery of your order through an insured channel which delivers your purchase at your doorstep.

             i) We make sure that we resolve all your doubts and reduce the levels of risks involved in online purchase of gemstones, semi-precious stones, pearl and beads so that more and more customers can enjoy the advantages of online shopping in India.