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Natural Turquoise bead is available in beautiful and exquisite colors of blue and green. These variations are due to the concentration of iron and copper in the crystal. Natural Turquoise gemstone is known to keep the mind clean during meditation thereby helping in greater focus. Placing the Natural Turquoise gemstone under the pillow helps ease the pain and swelling. It is a great gift to the person to love as it comes with the power to spell love. This gem is very helpful in establishing a wonderful marital harmony. It is commonly believed that if the color of the stone fades away then the love in the relationship also fades away.

You can buy online the Natural Turquoise gemstone beads in wholesale, bulk or loose and get the benefits of our one price policy. Enjoy these alluring high quality round beads up for sale at the lowest prices and add a new piece to your treasure. Shop online now and add these wonderful pieces to your cart to beautify your collection.

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