How to Choose a Beautiful Jewellery Paper Bags and Jewelry Boxes?

Packaging says a lot about your product. Therefore, while selecting jewelry paper bags for your products, you have to be extra particular. Finding the perfect paper bags for jewelry is of extreme importance as it gives the customers the right impression of the product, thereby adding on to the sales.

Purpose of Jewelry Paper Boxes

If you are thinking that why do you need the right jewelry paper box for your products then here are some significant reasons:

  • It acts as a protection for your products that keeps the jewelry safe.
  • A beautifully designed, attractive jewelry paper bag is strong enough to win the attention of the customers and therefore, has the potential to add on to the sales.
  • The luxury jewellery paper bags increase the sales and thereby also increase the profits.
  •  Jewelry paper bags are also effective in promoting and advertising your product and brand.

What Makes For a Good Packaging?

Here are some points that define a packaging as good or bad:

  • The shape of the paper or cardboard jewellery box has to be delightful and graceful.
  • It should complement the product and its value.
  • Jewelry packaging bag should reflect the product’s style and personality.
  • It should take into consideration the storage, use and other product aspects.
  • It must be designed keeping in mind the target base.

Guidelines on Buying The Right Jewelry Paper Bags

We have summed up important points to make sure that you buy the right jewelry paper bags or jewellery packaging boxes:

  • The jewelry paper bag must complement the features of the product as well as accentuate the image of the company.
  • The quality, material and style of the jewelry packaging bags should be carefully selected. Always go with bags that are soft and durable and are made of high quality stuff.
  • The perfect jewelry gift box or paper bag is something that changes with the changing trends and need of the people.
  • The jewelry packaging box must not only serve the packaging needs but must also fulfill the display needs of the brand.

Perfect Place to Buy Best Quality Gemstones: JustGemstone, Leading Online Jewelry Store

Buy Best Quality GemstonesGone are those days when ladies of the house visit the old traditional stores to purchase their favorite jewelry. They would spend hours looking for the ideal piece of sparkling stone with fine cuts and shape. It was seriously a time consuming task to get the best gems and customized jewelry, sometimes with certain compromises. But now times have changed. Now it is much easier to shop for colorful stones. Visit a trusted online store sitting on your couch sipping your cappuccino and start browsing beautiful gems and jewelry which meet your choice and affordability.

JustGemstone is a trusted online store for buying best quality gemstone without having to spend hours looking for a perfect piece. We offer a wide range of gems in different colors, shapes, cuts and prices to help you dress in scintillating jewels which have always been your dream. We promise great quality at best prices. We save on heavy overheads as we do not have to maintain a real store with security and staff. And we share these savings with our customers with complete pleasure. You can find a beautiful line of precious and semi-precious stones which are available at wholesale prices. Surely this is one big benefit which you find while shopping with us.

We put in best of the efforts to make it a healthy and satisfying shopping experience for our customers. By taking care of all security and safety issues, we provide them the best of the user experience so that they can select elegant and unique stones to make their collection more appealing and interesting.

What Makes JustGemstone a Trustworthy Store to Buy Gems

There are reasons which make our store so popular and trustworthy. Here are some which make us the best place to pick your favorite stone:

Classy Collection

There is something for everyone. Our collection is beautifully balanced to meet needs of every shopper. We showcase a wonderful range of stones ranging from expensive precious stones to affordable semi precious stones in all possible colors, styles, cuts and shapes. Wear what you like and look stunning.

Certificated Stones

We believe in answering all your doubts so that you can shop with ease. All our offerings are certified to make it a happier shopping. So whether you are shopping for stones for investment or you are buying them for someone special as a gift, be assured of the quality and stay happy. We promise to leave no room for doubts.

Know the Carats

Before purchasing, know the stone by knowing its correct carat weight. You can browse the gems depending upon its weight and various other options to make it a perfect pick.

Stones of All Kinds and Types

Get your hands on a wide range of stones. Some of the popular ones at our store include Emerald, Agate, Amethyst, Garnet, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Quartz in beautiful hues and cuts. Match them with your attire or wear them for astrological reasons and look gorgeous. Have customized jewelry made with them and define your style in a unique manner.

Gems for All Prices

If you have been avoiding your temptations to buy your favorite stone because of price then bid adieu to such concerns. Our stone showcases stones priced at different prices. You have all the convenience to choose from the most expensive gems to very much affordable stones. So shop with ease.

These are some of the reasons that make JustGemstone such a popular and reliable place to revamp your jewelry collection.

Reasons for Buying Alluring Colorful Stones Only at JustGemstone

Gemstones always have that appeal and attraction which pulls everyone. Their beautiful colors, stylish shapes and mesmerizing tones leave everyone spellbound. Ladies love to wear them embellished in their jewelry and win all the attention. They are surely one of the most royal and rich part of your dressing which sets you apart from the crowd. That’s the reason in ancient times, kings and queens would flaunt their beauty and charm.

If you are also looking for such inspiring and engaging colorful stones which can be your style statement then Just Gemstone is the perfect place to shop for them.

What is JustGemstone

JustGemstone is a one stop destination for buying quality gems and stone at best prices. We offer a vivacious collection of beautiful gemstones which have been finely cut and polished to suit your needs. We assure quality stones to beautify your collection. Each piece is exclusive and worth a purchase. You can shop from the most vibrant and trustworthy collection of gems offered for sale at our exclusive store.

Why JustGemstone?

Well there are lots of other online stores on net from where you can buy gems online. But what makes different from the masses? There is more than one reason for shopping for your favorite stones at our online store which have been listed below for you…

  • Great Variety

You have the liberty to choose from the widest range of stones ranging from different shapes, sizes and colors. You can have them added to your cart depending upon your choice and affordability. We have something for everyone. Every lady can find something for her collection from our vibrant range. We showcase all popular gems like agate, amethyst, garnet, spinel, sapphire, citrine, emerald, lemon, ruby, etc. You can shop them for yourself or send them as special gifts for your loved ones on their anniversary, birthday or festivals.

  • High Quality

Our store promises good quality stuff. We understand that this is one of the most important things which every customer desires. We know that you can touch or feel the product. Hence, we make sure that we meet your quality expectations to the best possible levels.

  • Best Price

Our pricing policy aims at keeping the rates of all gemstones to the most affordable range. We make sure that we help you find your favorite piece at the best prices without having to compromise on quality.

  • Loose Stones

We help you shop for loose stones so that you can have them embellished in your jewelry the way you want. Use these loose gems to create an enthralling customized jewelry designed and surprise everyone with your intelligent shopping. No matter what all stones you desire, we have them all. Buy them loose for best rates.

  • Completely Safe

Shopping with us is safe. We maintain complete security to make it a wonderful shopping experience for you. You can shop with ease without having any second thoughts about safety issues.

  • Secure Shipping Channel

When buying jewels and stones online, we all are concerned about shipping. Is it safe or not? Well, with JustGemstone, you need not worry about shipping. It is completely safe and secure. We take all possible measures to ensure that you get your parcel through a perfectly safe channel. We do not compromise on making it a safe shopping experience.

These are some of the points which differentiate us from our competitors. Gear up for an enthralling experience by shopping online with our store. You will love wearing such exquisite pieces in your jewelry which are so beautiful.

Points to Keep in Mind before Buying Loose Gemstones

Buying Loose Gemstones

If you are planning to buy a loose gemstone of superb quality then before heading for the store, take out some time to read this article and become more aware of things that you must know as a buyer. I can assume that you know the astronomical value of high quality loose gemstones, but I am quite sure that you might not be very clear on why they are so expensive and how to get them much cheaper than what you can get from a loose gemstones retailer.

But I promise you that by the time you will finish this article, you’ll be able to buy loose high quality gemstones for very low prices and you can collect them from an investment point of view and make money, rather than collecting them just for fun. So are you ready to become a more confident buyer?

Determinants of Loose Gemstone Price

Let’s look at the pricing determinants of gemstones in detail to have a better understanding of price. What determines the final price of a high quality gemstone? In order to understand this, you must study the chain that supplies the gemstones to your local neighborhood. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Level 1: Knowledgeable Merchants Buys From Ignorant Workers

Many loose gemstone mines are located in third world countries and the actual miners do not really know the rarity and value of the gemstones. Local miners usually are cheap workers, who just do this for a living for everyday money, so they just want the cash for the stones. This will mean that knowledgeable merchants living close to those miners will buy the stones at a cheaper price for cash and that is level one.

Level 2: Knowledgeable Merchant Sells to Knowledgeable Buyers

Those merchants then sell to other knowledgeable buyers, which is level 2 and so on.

There are various such levels until it reaches the central market. Every level will mean significant markups, which will increase the final price of the gemstones. An Australian gemstone mine found that their gemstones passed 6 significant levels before it reached the final retail purchaser.

Going by the logic, the gemstone market price today is the price at which you buy the gemstones from your retailer, minus one level. They will always buy back from you at a price close to what they could get from their supplier. This creates enormous opportunities for you as a gemstone investor. What if you can buy the gemstones two levels below the market price? It will be an easy sell in the market, right? While it is common sense to understand this, people do not take the actual time to think about it and those who do, make easy money.

Deal With Prices Smartly

The most cost effective and smart way to deal with prices is to reduce these markup levels and buy direct from the countries where the mines are located, which will mean that you can buy at least two levels below the market price. If you have some skill to evaluate the quality and value of gemstones effectively, you are leaving loads of cash on the table. Go, fly to those gem countries and buy from there for lesser prices.

There is an alternative to flying all the way to the country. You can find a trusted supplier of gemstones from a country where the gemstone mines are located, and this is an option many investors use effectively today since the Internet is helping the cause and technology is available to closely depict the original appearance of the natural gemstones.

If you take this route, always be cautious since about every move you make. You are not dealing face-to-face, take every caution to avoid scams. Importantly, ask for money-back guarantee upon manual inspection by you upon the reception of the stone in post / bank. Good sellers will always adhere to this condition since they have trust in their stones and in business for a long time. If you get a good relationship going with a trusted supplier, it will be an unlimited goldmine for you, generating literally unlimited cash.

So now you know how you can find cheaper loose gemstones which will surely be a smart investment for you. Now you are all ready to set out to shop.

Revamp Your Look With Stunning Gemstone Jewelry

The look of a lady is incomplete if she has not accessorized her beauty with gorgeous jewelry. Jewels play an important role in adding glam and glory to your personality. It is important to wear right stones and jewels for the occasion. Traditionally, gold and silver jewelry along with diamonds and polki has been the most popular choice of ornaments for festivals and weddings. But in the past few years, there has been a beautiful change in the choice of jewels women desire.

Though gold and diamond still rank high on the priorities of ladies when it comes to ornaments but there has been a rise in demand of gemstone jewelry. Increasing numbers of women are experimenting with colorful gems to go for more customized and stylized options. Girls of all age groups love to accessorize with gemstone necklaces, gemstone earrings, gemstone rings which match with their attires.

Let us see how you can redesign your look with beautiful and smart gemstone jewelry options. Markets are loaded with options but you need to make the right choice. This article will help you revitalize your style in the most exciting manner.

Everyday Casual Look

Let us begin with your everyday look. There is no harm in looking beautiful each day. Women love to dress up and with gemstone jewelry, they can enjoy an easy and stylish casual look without anything heavy. You can have cuffs, earrings and light necklaces made with colorful gemstones to add to your everyday jewels. These simple options help you win hearts without much effort.

Regular Office Look

If you are tired of a routine look for work then add some punch to your office dressing. Go for classy and elegant gemstone studs and pendants. These will highlight your beauty in a soft and subtle manner. Go for pastel shades. Do not make it over the top look. You can also have smart gemstone cuffs for your shirts.

Glamorous Party Look

Pep up your party style with shimmery glamorous jewelry made with wonderful range of gemstones. Cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, neck pieces, anklets studded with gemstones of different shapes can help you revamp your look at the parties this season. If you are planning to wear simple clothes then highlight your appeal with different kinds of jewels. Do not wear a gaudy outfit with heavy ornaments. It will be a fashion disaster!!!

Stylish Evening Look

If you have to dress up for evening dinner parties and social gatherings then keep it subtle and stylish. Wear simple dress and match it with something special like a bold neck piece or a big ring. Get all the attention on one gemstone that you will wear. Flaunt it and look gorgeous.

These are some of the looks that you must try for a new you…!!!!

Important Facts to Know About Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

About Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

Gemstone can be defined as any mineral compound that is valued for its beauty and/or its toughness. There are various types and kinds of gemstones which have been alluring men and women since ages. Their love for rubies, diamonds, emeralds, tigers-eye, pyrite, sapphires and turquoise is so evident. But these stones are not only beautiful to look at, in fact they come with great value. This article throws some light of important facts that you must learn in relation with precious and semi-precious gemstones to know their value.

Factors Determining Value of Gemstones

Some gemstones have more value than others. There is more than one reason for such variation in their value.

  • Rare versus Abundance

The less the availability, the higher the value. If you closely examine the above mentioned criteria used to differentiate gemstones, you will see that these criteria are highly variable. For example, until the discovery of large deposits of amethyst in Brazil, amethyst was considered to be a precious gemstone. After the discovery of these deposits, amethyst was considered to be a semi-precious gemstone.

  • Beauty and Appeal

Nothing beats the look and appeal of the stone. A gem which is gorgeous looking will always be priced higher. Currently diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are considered to be precious gemstones. Diamond is undoubtedly valued for its exotic beauty, rarity and toughness (it is the strongest substance on Earth). It is arguably the most precious gemstone of all the types of gemstones; a position that it has held for a very long time.

Likewise, Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are valued for both their rarity and beauty. These gemstones will command a higher price in the market than other types of gemstones. They are used in expensive jewelry including rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Semi Precious Stones

Semi precious gemstones are gemstones which don’t command a significant value when compared to precious-gemstones. Gemstones such as tigers-eye, moonstone, turquoise, sunstone and jasper are considered to be semi precious gems. Overall, there are no specific guidelines that can be used to distinguish between precious-gemstones and semi-precious gemstones.

Valuation of Diamonds

There are established guidelines that are followed to determine the value of diamonds. When grading a diamond, four factors of the diamond are considered, which are as follows:

  • Cut: Cut refers to the expertise with which the diamond has been shaped
  • Clarity: The clarity refers to the degree of perfection of the diamond (whether it has any blemishes or inclusions)
  • Color: For colorless diamonds, color refers to the degree of clearness of the diamond while color refers to the intensity of color, in colored diamonds
  • Carat: The carat refers to the weight of the diamond

In order to grade a diamond, it is examined under a microscope having 10 x magnifications. Other types of gemstones are still graded by examining them with the naked eye.

Investments in Gemstones

Investing in gemstones is not a very lucrative idea. The value of most precious gems such as diamonds varies at almost a parallel rate to the economic inflation or deflation. Therefore, the actual value of the gemstone will remain the same. This fact shows that gemstones should not be used as an investment, but will serve as good storages of wealth, especially during times of economic fluctuations. So the next time when you buy a stone, don’t think it as investments rather just enjoy its beauty.

Beaded Gemstone Jewelry: Some Alluring Features

Beaded Gemstone Jewelry Features

Beaded gemstone jewelry has the strongest magnetic pull which has always made is so popular amongst men and women of all age groups in the world across all times. If you’re a new entrant in the world of beaded gemstone jewelry, either as a shopper or a precious jewelry maker, then you must gear up for a thrilling and tantalizing journey ahead. The history is full of stories about kings and queens who could not hide their love for the shine of a deep green emerald, polished turquoise or red coral stone. Beaded gemstone jewelry has always been a royal choice. Before man invented the use of gold and silver in jewelry, this was the only for dressing and communicating social position and appealing to the world.

There are various alluring facts attached with beaded jewelry that you must know, as an admirer of gems and jewelry. This article brings to your some of the most interesting features of beaded stone jewelry which make it so charming and enticing.

Mesmerizing Shades to Match Your Dress and Personality

Color has always been one of the most important features of gemstones. Even though there are various other factors which determine the value of the stone but color in itself is also one of the strongest features which attract the buyer who doesn’t understand the technical values attached with the stone.

Importance Features of Colors

There are three essential features of colors which in synchronization are responsible for the effect they create:

  • Tone: The tone pertains to the shade of the color from light to dark and the saturation pertains to the purity of the color
  • Hue: The hue relates to the base color as in red rubies and green emeralds
  • Saturation

The color of the gemstone has certain personality features also. Every color is known to have its individual effect. As the colors of the rainbow are determined by frequencies of light, so too do the colors of gemstones produce vibrations that have been defined by mystics and scientists alike as the personality of the stone.

For instance the red ruby or coral symbolizes courage, confidence and action while green stands for success, wealth and wisdom. In regards to color beaded gemstone jewelry has distinctive strengths over jewelry with only one or two gemstones as they carry with them a unique blend of personalities to match any occasion you think acceptable.

Spiritual Influence of Beaded Gemstone

Gemstones always have had a strong connection with the spiritual influence they have on the mind and personality of the wearer. The religious properties of gemstones may well be spoken of from a wide array of topics and views. Astrologically, for instance an astrologist might talk of gemstones in relationship to one’s birth stone – as in the Pearl being the birth stone for June, or the Opal for October which can be thought to help with relationships and profession.

It is believed that beaded gemstone jewelry has been used to assist in the healing of both emotional imbalances and physical ailments.

  • Topaz is said to give mental clarity and focus whilst also relieving stress.
  • Amethyst is thought to boost immunity and reduce pain.

Gemstone jewelry in the form of a necklace or bracelet may be worn closest to the region of the body most impacted while perfectly accenting that nightgown for a night on the town.

Over the past few years, men have started to prefer wearing smart beaded bracelets which come in wide variety in colors and styles in beaded gemstone jewelry. It is quite an interesting alternative which has been welcomes with the increasing price of quality gold and silver.

It is a strong belief that oldest use of beaded gemstone jewelry is for mystics for spiritual protection and healing. Ancient Egyptians, for example, used Amethyst for protection against witchcraft and self-deception. Likewise, Jade has been used to attract love as well as help create mindset of favorable success. Saint bracelets adorned with the pictures of Saints and other spiritual figures on beads of Hematite, known for its qualities of repelling negative energy, have also become very popular. All of this shows the increasing popularity of beaded stone jewelry and its influence on man.

Though there are many theories to follow but the best to wear a stone is to listen to your intuition and have it in your collection.

Why Gemstones from India are so affordable

Affordable Gemstones India

India has always been one of the most popular countries on the world map for various reasons. Gems, jewelry, stones and beads are one of these seasons for popularity of India. The mines of the country have always been the rich source of finest gemstones since ages. Gems and jewelry have been an integral part of our culture. From ancient time, when kings and queens would dress in the most expensive gems to the present times, when women desire a treasure of gems and stones; every artisan, king and common man has been an admirer of gorgeous gems. That’s the reason why Indian land has always excited and attracted gem lovers from over the world. They are known for their variety, quality and richness.

On an international platform, India has been the most famous market to shop for the elegant and enticing stones. It is the most renowned gemstone hub offering the most vivacious collection of some of the finest gems at very reasonable prices. These stones have strong connection with the royal and rich culture of India. Polki and Jadau of Rajasthan have always impressed people from all over the world with their finest designs and appeal. Rajasthan and Gujarat are two rich states as far as gemstone mines are concerned.

Reasons for Affordable Gemstones in India

India has always been the favorite place of gem lovers from different parts of the globe. Quality, designs are surely few reasons which have tempted buyers to keep visiting Indian markets and gemstone selling online Indian stores but price has always been the major attraction. Below are some of the points which spill the reasons….

  • Abundance of Mines

This is one reason which makes India a hub of gemstones. Indian mines are rich in various kinds and types of stones. It is one place to find lots of stones.

  • Abundance of Stones

Indian mines are wonderfully rich and loaded with a wide range of gemstones. India is the largest wholesale country of gemstones in the world. No more reasons are required to prove the richness of mines in the nation.

  • Abundance of Labor

Labor is available in great numbers in India and because of easy availability, it is also cheaply priced. This reduces the cost of polishing and cutting to a large extent thereby making the enticing stones very affordable to the customers. This is one of the most important reasons for creating a vast difference in the pricing of stones in India and outside.

  • Abundance of Dealers

Due to abundance of gemstones, there are various dealers in the market which keeps the market competitive and vibrant. There is no such efficient and colorful gemstone market anywhere in the world as it is in India because of dealers, both new and old.

  • Largest Producer of Jewelry

Indian consumers are the biggest gold consumers in the world. Traditionally, it is considered to be the most auspicious metal for all occasions like marriages, festivals etc. In accordance with the same, it is also the largest manufacturer of jewelry.

  • Wholesale and Retail

If you are looking for bulk buying of gems or you are interested in loose stones, there is a wonderful market for both kinds of customers.

All these points mentioned above are reasons good enough for the prices of gems so low in the country. This is also one of the reasons which make India the hottest destination for gemstone and jewelry.

Why Prefer Indian Brands for Gemstones?

Indian gemstone brands have always been in question because of their low prices. The doubts on their quality and affordability have been resolved above. Now let’s what are the reasons for relying on Indian brands for their offerings…..

  • Rich History

India is one of the very few countries which maintain a rich history of gem producers. Since 3200 BC, the Indian artisans have been designing, cutting and polishing beautiful stones to accentuate their glamour and shine.

  • Great Quality

The mines in the nation have been offering the best of the stones since years. The gems are known for their enthralling quality, provided you have found a right dealer.

  • Best Price

This is for sure that the kind of deal you will find here is surely not possible anywhere else. The India sellers offer the best price.

  • Online Gemstone Sellers

With times, there has been an amazing change in shopping trends. Now you can shop for the most beautiful gems from anywhere in the world by shopping online from some of the finest gemstone sellers. Make sure you go through all the information mentioned on the site before heading for any purchase.

All these points make it clear that why Indian sellers have an upper hand in the industry. So if you are also looking for finest and most gorgeous gems then start looking for it online and spot the best online seller to help you get your favorite stone.

How to Buy Beads Online

buy beads online

The equations of buying beads are no longer that simple and easy. Earlier you could just walk into some elite gemstone and jewelry store and try the most exclusive and impressive bead. Now times have changed and so have the process of buying beads. These days the best way to shop for the most beautiful and vibrant beads is through internet. Online markets offer the best choices of online stores which showcase the widest and most fabulous range of bulk beads at wholesale prices. You can surely lock the deal with the cheapest and stunningly gorgeous beads by reaching at the most promising and authentic buying destination.

With so many online stores, it is surely a tough job to know which one is better. All promise comfort and convenience but only a few offer quality and price. As you can’t touch and feel the actual stone, you must follow the tips stated below to help you buy beautiful beads online.

Start With Product Description and Images

Size, color, shape and other information about your favorite bead is right there. All you need to do is read every detail mentioned on the site with patience. This helps you imagine the product with the most realistic features. Also have a look at the images of the products. Enlarge them and have a close look at each of the beads you like. This is the first hand information right from the seller which helps you derive the best possible details about the product. Also keep in mind the quality and prices of the beads. Never skip this important step in hurry or else stay ready for the shock you receive. Remember the better your study, the more fruitful will be your experience.

Study About the Dealer

The more information your will acquire before moving ahead with your shopping, the better will be your shopping experience. It is always good to have a good detail of the buyer from whom you are planning to purchase your beads. Know how old he is in the industry, read his transaction history, Google his information on net etc. All this information will help you connect dots giving you a clear picture of his dealings and offerings. Every detail about the dealer is important information which should not be missed.


Do not just visit one online store and finalize your purchase. It is always advisable that you browse different online stores and study their policies, prices, quality etc. before heading for final purchase. You can even compare these prices to real retail outlets. Some offer goods at wholesale prices, some only offer beads at bulk; some have exclusive collection of loose beads. You can compare and analyze different options before reaching on to any final choice.

Read Reviews and Feedbacks

Reviews and feedbacks are a rich source of information about the product which is not mentioned on the site. From the quality of the beads to delivery commitments, they give you every possible detail about the overall shopping experience on the site to make it more convenient for you to take a decision. If there are too many positive and good reviews about the dealer then you need to use your brains to decide if it is framed feedback or real.

Read Return and Exchange Policy

Never start with online shopping without having a thorough reading of return and exchange policy mentioned on the site. It talks about every possible situation which you may face as a buyer and an action in relation with it. If the seller is quite strict with returns then make sure you pick your goods after complete conformation about it. It is important to know about refunds and credits to avoid bad experiences later.

Delivery Time and Charges

With such precious products, sellers often charge an extra amount for delivery in terms of insurance etc. Before heading for online purchase of your favorite strand of beads, be very sure of the extra amount you will be required to pay. Do compare it with the price you need to pay at a real store. Go for online shopping only if you feel that you will save something good even after paying for these extra charges.

Remember awareness always helps in shopping.

Important Guidelines to Buy Gemstones Online

Online Gemstone Buying Guide

Gemstones and gemstone jewelry have always been the most alluring and exciting products for women all over the world. Every lady desires the best of the stones and gems in her collection. With the increasing popularity of online shopping and amazing convenience of home delivery, online shoppers don’t mind making online purchases for their favorite gems from online stores and have them delivered to your doorstep without leaving your home.

There are lots of online stores selling loose gemstones online but it is really important that you do not fall for a bad deal. Here is a buying guide to help you buy loose stones online at the best of the prices. There are few important points which must be kept in mind while buying gemstones online to make shopping more rewarding.

The complete experience of online stone purchasing lies on choosing the best and most reputable seller. Follow these points to spot the finest store and enjoy a safe shopping.

Dealer’s Background

Before heading for online shopping for your gems, you must find out small yet important things about the dealer. The clarity of these points will make it a much happier and rewarding online shopping experience. So before adding goods to your cart, find answers to the following questions:

  • Age of Dealer’s Business

It is important to know that since how long, the dealer has been in the business. If he has been in the industry for long years then it is quite certain that he has authentic procurement sources and rich clientele. If he is a new entrant then you need to be very cautious while making purchases.

  • Quality versus Price

It is of utmost importance to know that whether the seller is quality focused or price oriented. You can have a close look at the offerings to find out the status. The ones which offer gems at lowest prices are probably supplying low grade quality products. Whether you are planning to buy loose stones or gems at wholesale, you must focus on quality and price.

  • Fine gemstones versus Commercial grade stones

Commercial grade stones have poor cutting, faded color which is just opposite to the texture, cutting and color of fine stones. Fine gemstones are high quality stones and commercial grade stones are available in bulk and are used in low quality jewelry.

Product Description and Information

Before finalizing any piece, make sure that you go through the product information with complete focus on all the details. Also browse through the images to have the best view of the product. The finer the information is on the site, the more possibility you have to find out about the nitty-gritty of the gem.

Check for Certification

All authentic deals have certifications from reputed gemological labs. This certification in itself is a kind of authentication of the quality of the product. This includes information like statements of origin and the presence of any treatments or enhancements. Some of the top labs in the world include GRS, AGL, GIA and Gubelin.

Exchange and Return Policy

A smart and wise online shopper always reads through all these policies to make it a healthier and happier online shopping experience. Exchange and Returns Policy is one of the strongest pillars for your buying decision. They can motivate you to make a purchase or just logout from the site empty handed. Having a fair and reasonable policy helps you make a purchase. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you must have the convenience of returning or exchanging the stone. Also make sure that there are no hefty charges on making such a move.

Payment Methods

Also check for different modes of making payments. Usually, online stores offer different kinds of payment modes to make it an easier purchasing for the customers but PayPal is surely the safest and best mode of payment. In case when you buy a gemstone online and it’s not delivered or the quality and description of the gem does not match the gemstone you received, you can take the dispute through Paypal.


It is important that the dealer offers a safe and secure channel for delivering such a precious product. Make sure that you read through their policy of delivering the goods. Insurance and delivery charges become important components in such a scenario when a high end product is involved. Also find out about the duration of delivery.

Keep all these points in mind for a fool-proof purchase.