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The equations of buying beads are no longer that simple and easy. Earlier you could just walk into some elite gemstone and jewelry store and try the most exclusive and impressive bead. Now times have changed and so have the process of buying beads. These days the best way to shop for the most beautiful and vibrant beads is through internet. Online markets offer the best choices of online stores which showcase the widest and most fabulous range of bulk beads at wholesale prices. You can surely lock the deal with the cheapest and stunningly gorgeous beads by reaching at the most promising and authentic buying destination.

With so many online stores, it is surely a tough job to know which one is better. All promise comfort and convenience but only a few offer quality and price. As you can’t touch and feel the actual stone, you must follow the tips stated below to help you buy beautiful beads online.

Start With Product Description and Images

Size, color, shape and other information about your favorite bead is right there. All you need to do is read every detail mentioned on the site with patience. This helps you imagine the product with the most realistic features. Also have a look at the images of the products. Enlarge them and have a close look at each of the beads you like. This is the first hand information right from the seller which helps you derive the best possible details about the product. Also keep in mind the quality and prices of the beads. Never skip this important step in hurry or else stay ready for the shock you receive. Remember the better your study, the more fruitful will be your experience.

Study About the Dealer

The more information your will acquire before moving ahead with your shopping, the better will be your shopping experience. It is always good to have a good detail of the buyer from whom you are planning to purchase your beads. Know how old he is in the industry, read his transaction history, Google his information on net etc. All this information will help you connect dots giving you a clear picture of his dealings and offerings. Every detail about the dealer is important information which should not be missed.


Do not just visit one online store and finalize your purchase. It is always advisable that you browse different online stores and study their policies, prices, quality etc. before heading for final purchase. You can even compare these prices to real retail outlets. Some offer goods at wholesale prices, some only offer beads at bulk; some have exclusive collection of loose beads. You can compare and analyze different options before reaching on to any final choice.

Read Reviews and Feedbacks

Reviews and feedbacks are a rich source of information about the product which is not mentioned on the site. From the quality of the beads to delivery commitments, they give you every possible detail about the overall shopping experience on the site to make it more convenient for you to take a decision. If there are too many positive and good reviews about the dealer then you need to use your brains to decide if it is framed feedback or real.

Read Return and Exchange Policy

Never start with online shopping without having a thorough reading of return and exchange policy mentioned on the site. It talks about every possible situation which you may face as a buyer and an action in relation with it. If the seller is quite strict with returns then make sure you pick your goods after complete conformation about it. It is important to know about refunds and credits to avoid bad experiences later.

Delivery Time and Charges

With such precious products, sellers often charge an extra amount for delivery in terms of insurance etc. Before heading for online purchase of your favorite strand of beads, be very sure of the extra amount you will be required to pay. Do compare it with the price you need to pay at a real store. Go for online shopping only if you feel that you will save something good even after paying for these extra charges.

Remember awareness always helps in shopping.

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