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India has always been one of the most popular countries on the world map for various reasons. Gems, jewelry, stones and beads are one of these seasons for popularity of India. The mines of the country have always been the rich source of finest gemstones since ages. Gems and jewelry have been an integral part of our culture. From ancient time, when kings and queens would dress in the most expensive gems to the present times, when women desire a treasure of gems and stones; every artisan, king and common man has been an admirer of gorgeous gems. That’s the reason why Indian land has always excited and attracted gem lovers from over the world. They are known for their variety, quality and richness.

On an international platform, India has been the most famous market to shop for the elegant and enticing stones. It is the most renowned gemstone hub offering the most vivacious collection of some of the finest gems at very reasonable prices. These stones have strong connection with the royal and rich culture of India. Polki and Jadau of Rajasthan have always impressed people from all over the world with their finest designs and appeal. Rajasthan and Gujarat are two rich states as far as gemstone mines are concerned.

Reasons for Affordable Gemstones in India

India has always been the favorite place of gem lovers from different parts of the globe. Quality, designs are surely few reasons which have tempted buyers to keep visiting Indian markets and gemstone selling online Indian stores but price has always been the major attraction. Below are some of the points which spill the reasons….

  • Abundance of Mines

This is one reason which makes India a hub of gemstones. Indian mines are rich in various kinds and types of stones. It is one place to find lots of stones.

  • Abundance of Stones

Indian mines are wonderfully rich and loaded with a wide range of gemstones. India is the largest wholesale country of gemstones in the world. No more reasons are required to prove the richness of mines in the nation.

  • Abundance of Labor

Labor is available in great numbers in India and because of easy availability, it is also cheaply priced. This reduces the cost of polishing and cutting to a large extent thereby making the enticing stones very affordable to the customers. This is one of the most important reasons for creating a vast difference in the pricing of stones in India and outside.

  • Abundance of Dealers

Due to abundance of gemstones, there are various dealers in the market which keeps the market competitive and vibrant. There is no such efficient and colorful gemstone market anywhere in the world as it is in India because of dealers, both new and old.

  • Largest Producer of Jewelry

Indian consumers are the biggest gold consumers in the world. Traditionally, it is considered to be the most auspicious metal for all occasions like marriages, festivals etc. In accordance with the same, it is also the largest manufacturer of jewelry.

  • Wholesale and Retail

If you are looking for bulk buying of gems or you are interested in loose stones, there is a wonderful market for both kinds of customers.

All these points mentioned above are reasons good enough for the prices of gems so low in the country. This is also one of the reasons which make India the hottest destination for gemstone and jewelry.

Why Prefer Indian Brands for Gemstones?

Indian gemstone brands have always been in question because of their low prices. The doubts on their quality and affordability have been resolved above. Now let’s what are the reasons for relying on Indian brands for their offerings…..

  • Rich History

India is one of the very few countries which maintain a rich history of gem producers. Since 3200 BC, the Indian artisans have been designing, cutting and polishing beautiful stones to accentuate their glamour and shine.

  • Great Quality

The mines in the nation have been offering the best of the stones since years. The gems are known for their enthralling quality, provided you have found a right dealer.

  • Best Price

This is for sure that the kind of deal you will find here is surely not possible anywhere else. The India sellers offer the best price.

  • Online Gemstone Sellers

With times, there has been an amazing change in shopping trends. Now you can shop for the most beautiful gems from anywhere in the world by shopping online from some of the finest gemstone sellers. Make sure you go through all the information mentioned on the site before heading for any purchase.

All these points make it clear that why Indian sellers have an upper hand in the industry. So if you are also looking for finest and most gorgeous gems then start looking for it online and spot the best online seller to help you get your favorite stone.

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